Katarina has been a practicing astrologer since 1986. She was trained in Sweden as a psychotherapist where she practiced until moving to the US in 2004. Her training in therapeutic psychological techniques and her innate sensitivity have enabled her to guide her clients along the periodically troublesome journey of self-discovery and personal awareness. To facilitate the wellbeing and healing of Katarina's clients, her therapeutic consultations are done in a grounded and realistic manner that empathetically supports their efforts to meet the challenges of everyday life with clarity and purpose. She writes weekly and monthly columns for numerous magazines.

Katarina first developed her fascination with astrology when she had her first astrology reading in 1978. This fascination evolved into a life long passion. To deepen her insight into the science of astrology, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree at Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences.

Katarina's joy and passion is to be of service to others. Through astrology she reveals aspects of her client's personality that increase their awareness of their capacity to reach their full potential. These astrological consultations can provide tremendous opportunities for personal discovery and bring deeper spiritual understanding and progress.

Katarina Campagnola is one of the Avalon's faculty members.



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