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The Avalon School of Astrology was founded by David and Fei Cochrane. David has a keen personal interest in education. Fei's degree is Bachelor of Science in Education and supported and has keen interest in David's vision. They both have interest in education and advancing astrology into higher education level through licensed vocational astrology school. This is the key motivator of why Avalon was created.

David pioneered a private elementary school in the 1970's because he felt, and still feels, that education should be an exciting, challenging process where teachers love sharing their knowledge and develop a bond with their students. The school that David helped create over 20 years ago is still in operation today.

With the support and contributions of many dozens of other people, David and Fei's dream materialized. The Avalon School of Astrology emerged and now fully operates as a licensed Vocational Astrology School in Florida. We are blessed to have many creative, talented, and generous people working to make Avalon a very special school. Avalon really is a dream-come-true, and fortunately there are many people who share this dream and we are confident that Avalon will flourish and continue to succeed in making this dream a reality.

Plans to establish a school of astrology began in the late 1990's. The original name of the school was the Kepler School of Astrology but by 2002 when the school was legally founded, another school in the USA, Kepler College, had been established. To keep the schools from being confused with each other, a last minute change to the legal documents was made to change the name to the Avalon School of Astrology. This ended up being a fortuitous change because Avalon became a non-profit school and as a non-profit school needed to develop independently of the Kepler Software and the support of David and Fei that helped establish the school.

The Avalon School of Astrology was established as a Florida Corporation in the year 2002, and in the same year 501(c)(3) non-profit status was granted by the federal government. A license to operate as a post-secondary vocational school was granted by the Commission for Independent Education by the state of Florida on the 12th of February 2003. License #2858. The school opens its doors and the first classes started in August, 2003.


The Avalon School of Astrology provides students an educational program that we often refer to as "an apprenticeship program with awareness". Students are trained in one system of astrology and they develop a very advanced professional level of competency and proficiency in this astrological system. Each astrological tradition is enormously complex and sophisticated and it takes years of study to master Vedic astrology or to master Hellenistic astrology, modern psychological astrology, vibrational astrology, etc. There is no astrologer who has expertise in all of these systems, and within each of these systems there are a huge number of variations. At Avalon you are educated and trained to excel in one astrological system and along the way your instructor will periodically advise you on how this astrological system differs from other astrological systems so that you are aware of how your area of specialization differs from other astrological systems. This is the "awereness" that we refer to in the phrase "apprenticeship program with awareness".

In short, our mission is to educate and train students to develop a professional level of competency. There is also training in ethics and counseling skills and extensive training in the use of the astrological software that is used in practice so that upon graduation you are fully prepared to begin or expand your professional practice. Not every student at Avalon has a goal of practicing astrology professionally upon graduation but you will be capable of doing this if you ever choose to.

There are other benefits from being a student at Avalon. You become part of a community, you develop a relationship with your instructors and fellow students. You become part of a team of people who are dedicated to understand astrology.

Depending on the area of specialization of the program you are enrolled in, there are additional goals. For example, in the program in Vibrational Astrology you learn about research methods, and in other areas of specialization you may gain a deep appreciation of the historial roots of astrology. When you enroll in a program at Avalon, you enroll in an apprenticeship program in one particular area. As of the year 2016 Avalon offers a program with a specialization in Vibrational Astrology. We anticipate that programs with other specializations will be offered in the future.


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