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Avalon provides comprehensive training that prepares students for a career in the field of astrology. With the education you receive at Avalon, you have the professional training and expertise to become a professional astrological consultant. Classes are delivered in a live online classroom and students attend from around the world. Avalon also sponsors weekend astrology seminars in Gainesville, Florida.

PAC Vibrational Astrology Apprenticeship Program with David Cochrane

Starts April 30, 2018 A Practical Program Designed to Help You Develop Professional Competency!
This is a 3-year program that trains you to be a professional astrology using the system of vibrational astrology that David has developed. Vibrational astrology is a variation of harmonic astrology and David is recognized as one of world's experts in this system of astrology.

Vibrational Astrology Conference 2020 March 27 - 29, 2020 Gainesville, Florida

The Ultimate Community Resource for Vibrational Astrology
This conference opens the door to a new world of astrology! Come join us! Whether you are new to Vibrational Astrology or a practicing Vibrational Astrologer, be prepared for a journey into the astrology of the future.


♦   Gisele Terry, MFT
♦   Clarissa Dolphin, PAC
♦   Bill Meridian, MBA
♦   Fei Cochrane, BSE, TACC
♦   David Cochrane, MA
♦   Christopher Pridham, PAC


VA Conference Scholarship

VA Conference Scholarship

There are 6 scholarships available for the Vibrational Astrology Conference on
March 27 - 29, 2020 in Gainesville, Florida.

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