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All students are expected to be respectful and courteous while on the school campus. Students should not be impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs while on campus. Violent, threatening, humiliating, or abusive behavior or harassment of others is also not tolerated. Engaging in illegal activity while off campus can also affect a student's standing in the school. A student may be dismissed for any of these activities. Theft of property from the school or other students is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Students and staff work as a team to assist one another to reach excellence. We strive to inspire this "team spirit" in every student and to benefit from the diverse approaches, broad spectrum of creativity, and talents which different students and faculty bring to the learning process.

We encourage each person to express his or her own individuality while at the same time respecting the needs, wishes, and interests of others, and, when necessary, to compromise for the benefit of the whole. The Avalon School of Astrology strives to produce graduates with excellent ethics, character, and communication skills as well as achieving excellence in the understanding and practice of astrology.


Students may not miss more than 22 classroom hours in one semester. A student that is tardy by more than 5 minutes but less than 1 hour is given 1 hour of missed classroom time. For tardiness of 1 hour or more, then amount of missed classroom time assigned to the student is in hours, rounded up to the next hour, so, for example, a student that is 1 ½ hours late for class is given 2 hours of missed classroom time. The same formula applies to students that leave a class early. For example, a student that leaves a class 1/2 hour before the class ends will be considered to have missed 1 hour of classes. The total number of hours from absences, tardiness, and leaving classes early per semester must not exceed more than 22 hours.

After 15 hours of missed classroom time, the student is counseled by the Director of Education to discuss the problem and to determine if the student can arrange affairs so that the student's missed classroom hours stays under 22 for the semester.


Instructors have the option of deducting points for assignments that are handed in late. All homework and assignments must be satisfactory and handed in by the last day of classes.

A student may make up missed classroom time by attending weekend classes or other scheduled classes at the same level as the classes missed prior to the next semester, if these are available and there are available seats in the class. When possible, a student will be given the opportunity to fulfill missed course work or homework assignments through after-hours programs, but if adequate opportunities for making up missed work are not available or the student is unable to fulfill these requirements, then the student will need to repeat the requirements of the semester before being able to proceed to the next semester or graduation.


A student must complete the 4 semesters of course work within 6 years. It is not necessary to enroll full-time or to take all 4 semesters consecutively. Students may take a leave of absence and still graduate as long as all requirements of all 4 semesters are fulfilled within a 6 year time period.

In cases of emergencies and family problems, a student may be granted a leave of absence for a reasonable amount of time as determined by the Director of Education. A request for a leave of absence must be in writing and the date of expected return must be specified.

If the student does not re-enter within the specified time and has not notified the school, the student's contract will be terminated and he/she is granted a refund according to the Refund Policy.


A student who receives lower than a B grade on any exam may request the opportunity to take a make-up examination. Students are allowed to take a given examination only one additional time. If a student's average score on exams for a semester is less than 75%, the student will not pass the semester, and must fulfill the requirements for that semester at a future time before being able to proceed to the next semester.


A student that does not adhere to the attendance policy will be placed on probation for 30 days. If the student has not corrected the attendance problem within 30 days, the student will be counseled by the Director of Education, with a possibility of termination.


A student whose attendance has been terminated and desires to re-enter the program, must notify the school and be interviewed by the Director of Education. The Director of Education's decision is final. If the Director of Education approves, the student may re-apply following the required admission procedures.


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