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The Natal Chart Imprint and Isosceles Trapezoids

by Linda Berry
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
May, 2013


Astrological Theory holds that the birth chart is cast for the moment of the new born baby’s first breath. In that moment the pattern of the planets becomes imbedded or imprinted into that baby’s being.  At that instant, the planets in the sky and the planets in the baby’s pattern exactly match in every detail as they never will again in that baby’s life.

The human system appears to be a hologram created by the laser light of the infinite shining through the field, the holographic matrix that projects time and space out here for us to experience.  We each experience the entire matrix of time and space in each moment of our lives even though we only focus on a particular subset of the matrix. I think that in that first moment of encounter with the matrix of time and space, we get the whole thing all at once, including our position on earth within the larger structure of our solar system. Thus, the planets hit the baby's field as she/he is taking his/her first breath, in-taking the energy field of time and space into her/his system for the first time. This is the beginning of this baby’s independence from the mother of being able to survive without the mother’s appropriate care.


Look at the example below.  There are FOUR patterns of 19 degrees involving The Sun and The Moon.  Note that this imprint happens, with everybody in the solar system and with everybody in the entire universe, every galaxy, star, and black hole, etc. These four-way relationships occur whether you use the tropical zodiac, the sidereal zodiac, the heliocentric positions or the positions in relation to any other body that you want to use as a central body around which all the planets and planetoids are positioned. The transiting “in the sky” positions are the same in the moment of imprint as the patterns of the personal imprint carried within the individual’s system. 









In this example the four patterns are:
nSun -> nMoon = tSun -> tMoon = nSun -> tMoon = tSun -> nMoon

We have discovered that there are well over 10,000 planetoids/asteroids in our solar system as well as the 8 planets and their moons.  Each of these bodies is imprinted with a quadruple resonance at the time of birth.  We are talking about at least 10000 quadruple resonances impacting that baby ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!

No wonder this event imprints upon us at the deepest core of our incarnate essences.


So what would happen when any two bodies in the chart returned to their exact natal positions again, either by matching or reversing the positions?  In either case we would replicate the birth resonance exactly.  This, however, is unlikely to happen, that one planet/planetoid would be at its natal position or the position of the other natal planet/planetoid when the second one was at the other position. If this were to happen, I suspect it would be some sort of major reset of the life energy.


What does happen is that the transiting planets and planetoids do in many cases return to the exact angle and the reverse angle where they are the same number of degrees apart as in the natal chart and the two bodies are in the same relationship to each other (the same one earlier in the zodiac and later and a matching pattern of direct and retrograde positions) or in another positioning relationship but with the same exact number of degrees apart.  This creates an Isosceles Trapezoid which I will refer to in the rest of this article as an Isotrap.

Here the Sun and Moon are in the same angle and relative position as in the birth chart but at different points in the zodiac. You have two matching resonances, one set of matching angles between the natal and transit charts and one set where the angles within the natal chart matching the angles within the transiting chart.  nSun > tSun = nMoon > tMoon  and nSun > nMoon = tSun > tMoon.  One relationship is from Sun to Moon and the other is between matching planets

Figure 1: Isotrap 1
nSun > tSun = nMoon > tMoon
and nSun > nMoon = tSun > tMoon

This gives an experience of the Sun and Moon that hits right into the natal imprint.  This transiting pattern definitely focuses on the Sun-Moon pattern of this individual opening the door into the core imprint. 

One area that needs to be researched is whether this resonance opens the door of the core imprint to the entire transiting pattern. It does creates a secondary level of sensitive points (72 and 97) until the next time these two bodies impact on a core resonance . Robert Blaschke (who was a professional astrologer) reported that they do and gave many examples of this phenomenon. We have found from long experience that when one body, say the Sun, returns to its natal position, it creates a secondary resonance for the next year that creates a secondary level set of sensitive points.  I suspect that the phase angle return chart described above does the same.

Figure 2: Isotrap 2
nSun > tMoon = nMoon > tSun
and nSun > nMoon = tMoon > tSun

Now, as you see below, there is a second way in which an Isotrap can be formed.  This angular relationship can be established where the positions of the two planets in relationship to the zodiac are reversed but the angles create the same resonance as the natal chart angles. 

nSun > tMoon = nMoon > tSun  and
nSun > nMoon = tMoon > tSun.

As you have probably noted, there is one interesting difference in Isotrap 2 (Figure 2).  Here both sets of resonances are between the two planets and this relationship, we have found by research,  is at least as strong and in some ways even stronger than the resonance with the same phase angle.  This relationship was not focused in Robert Blaschke’s ground breaking book, but it needs to be followed on the same level as the same phase angle relationship shown as Isotrap 1 (Figure 1). 

(For users of Sirius and Kepler, both patterns are reported in its timeline forecasting tool showing when they occur and when they are within a one degree orb. Isotrap 1 is shown in the timeline as Sun Moon = Sun Moon.  Isotrap 2 is shown as either Sun cj Moon composite or Sun op Moon composite.)


The Arabic Point formulas for the Part of Fortune, Part of Spirit etc. are actually identifying the fourth point in an Isosceles Trapezoid when three points are known.  The Part of Fortune which is pretty widely referenced by Astrologers can be used to illustrate this. 

The Part of Fortune is the Asc + Moon – Sun for day births and Asc + Sun – Moon for night births.  The Part of Spirit is reversed:  Asc + Sun – Moon for day births and Asc + Moon – Sun for night births.  For a day birth with the Sun at 271 and the Moon at 296, suppose the Asc was 234, then the Part of Fortune would be either 234 + 296 – 271 =

The equal angles are an integral part of the basic formula

  • Fortune = Asc + Moon – Sun
  • The diagonals subtract the Moon from both

Fortune – Moon = Asc – Sun = 37.

  • The side angles subtract the Asc from both sides so

Fortune – Asc = Moon – Sun =  25.

This means there are two double resonances that are always present in the Part of Fortune.

In a day birth Spirit = Asc + Sun – Moon will also have two double resonances.  
Spirit – Asc = Sun – Moon = 25 when the Asc is subtracted from both sides.

Spirit – Sun = Asc – Moon = 62 when the Sun is subtracted from both sides.

 Both double resonances have to be there every time   

Additionally, the midpoint of the Sun and the Ascendant is 252.5 and the midpoint of the Moon and the Part of Spirit is 252.5 so this Isotrap shows nSun/nAsc = nMoon/Spirit.  Any two midpoints that are conjunct create an Isotrap.  In the picture for Fortune above nSun/Fortune = 265 = nMoon/nAsc.  And in the third formula below nMoon/nSun = 283.5 = Redemption/nAsc.  Finding midpoints that are less than 30 minutes apart is one easy way to find these extremely strong resonant patterns.

There is also a third formula for three points that identifies an additional point that has the same kind of resonant energy.  

  • That third formula is Sun + Moon – Asc.  The part is sometimes called the Part of Redemption.  For the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant above this point would be at 333.

The sides in double resonance comes from subtracting the Moon from both sides so
Redemption – Moon = Sun – Asc = 37
The diagonal double resonance comes from subtracting the Sun from both sides.
Redemption – Sun = Moon – Asc = 62

When you have a planet at any of these points by transit or progression, it sets up a powerful resonance pattern that you feel deeply.  It is one of the most powerful transits you can have. When you have a natal planet at one of these points it creates that kind of powerful interaction between those four points for your entire life. You can use this formula and find the three sensitive points that will create this kind of a strong resonance with any three planet and/or angle combinations in your chart.


Let’s explore the Isotrap patterns in a natal chart using the concept that there is a natal chart (i.e.  the imprint within the person) and a transiting pattern (i.e. the matching planets in the sky).

Additional Midpoint Resonances

The patterns above showed points that are in resonance with three points in the natal chart.  There are also special resonance points for each two planet pair.  Let’s take Neptune and Pluto. 

For example: Neptune is at 15 Gemini (75) and Pluto is at 12 Leo (132).  The distance between Neptune and Pluto is 57 degrees. Now let’s add 57 degrees to Pluto’s position.  This would be 189 or 9 Libra. Now, let's suppose, for example, that transiting or progressed Mercury was at 9 Libra, then Neptune/Mercury = Pluto.  This is the sensitive point where Neptune’s interaction with any planetary body has a Plutonian focus.  Here the angle from Neptune to Pluto is 52 the same as the angle from Mercury to Pluto and the distance from Neptune to Mercury is 104 degrees or double that angle.  Thus you have a transit or progression with a triple resonance focused in this case on Pluto.  This is almost as strong as the two double resonances you get with an Isotrap/Arabic Part formula.

By the same token if you subtract 57 degrees from Neptune’s position you get 18 Aries.  If Mercury were at 18 Aries by transit or progression then Mercury/Pluto midpoint would be on Neptune. This shows the sensitive point where Pluto’s interaction with any planetary body has a Neptunian focus.  This, of course, creates the same triple resonance that was seen above.

These Midpoints conjunct each other and Midpoints conjunct a planet are often more powerful natal connections and transits and progressions than the aspects of one planet to another.  I would encourage you to check out these points in your chart and the charts of others that you look at.


To summarize, the initial four way resonances of the birth chart were identified when the planets in the sky at the first breath imprint the baby’s system.  In this moment the planets in the sky match the imprinted pattern in the person’s personal field.  This is the strongest resonance pattern that the person will ever experience, the one that sets their pattern in their life and provides a guidebook or blueprint for the unfolding of their life.

Next the transiting or progressed planets were examined studying the positions where they have matching degree angles to their natal counterparts.  This generates an Isotrap with two double resonance patterns.  Significantly, the patterns when the relative positions of the two planets in the zodiac are reversed are probably stronger than when the relative positions match because in the former case all the resonances are between the two planets.  In this process the three sensitive points that will make an Isotrap from three planets and angle combinations in the natal chart (or from any three planet and/or angle combinations) were identified and calculated.

Finally the Midpoints in the natal chart were shown to each have a triple resonance.  The two sensitive points that will create a Midpoint structure for any two planets and/or angles were identified and calculated generating a focus on each of the planets from a midpoint of the other planet with any third point.

These are some of the very strongest resonant patterns in the natal chart and in transits and progressions to the natal chart. These patterns are often overlooked and this means you miss some of the underlying framework of the chart that can bring to each individual a deeper understanding of themselves.



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