Gloria is one of the Avalon board members. She is a big asset to the school, having a wealth of experience and expertise as an astrological consultant, writer, and active contributor to many professional organizations and businesses. She is a creative thinker and dedicated to raising professional standards. Her list of credits, contributions, and achievements is impressive.

Gloria began her work as a professional astrologer in the 1970s and describes her journey as an astrologer as “life-transforming”. With clients from all walks of life and in all parts of the world, professional consultation and guidance with clients has been the primary focus of her career. “Part of my quest has led me to write”, she says.

Gloria has written, edited or contributed to 29 astrology books, annuals and anthologies. Among these, Astrology: Woman to Woman, Optimum Child, and the Llewellyn Sun Sign and Moon Sign Books are probably best known. Other writing projects have included several newspaper and regular magazine columns, in addition to work that’s appeared online in a variety of applications including her work as the Astrology Channel Manager for ThirdAge.com. Her feature column, “Astrology News,” has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer magazine since 1996.

Gloria's unique manner of conceptualizing real-life applications of astrology lead her to envision, organize and write the text for four astrological computer report writers. Three of these software packages are applicable to Windows systems, and one is written for MAC computers. As a lecturer and teacher, Gloria has presented over 2500 lectures and workshops throughout the world, and she is an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher.

In service to the astrological community, Gloria currently serves on the Advisory Board for Kepler College, she is the Chair of the NCGR Advisory Board, and is a member of the NCGR Board. She has also served on the AFAN Steering Committee, was Secretary of AFAN, and later served as the AFAN Newsletter Editor for six years. Additionally, she was Vice President of the UAC Board (1999 – 2001), and was one of the team of organizers who made UAC happen from 1995 – 2002. She also serves as one of the board members of the Avalon School of Astrology.


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