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AGY202: Practicum and Interpretation 1. Perfecting astrological interpretation. Students interpret the charts of volunteers in the local area who come to class. Students perfect their counseling skills as well as astrological analysis by meeting with clients in these practice sessions. Students learn from one another as well as from the volunteers and instructor, as they develop advanced professional competency.

Comparing the techniques and methods of different schools of astrology provides valuable insights and depth of understanding. Students are encouraged to continue developing a system of astrological analysis and counseling style that is appropriate and suitable to their interests and abilities.

Practicum Course, Fall, 2008: Classes are 2 hours, 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM, Tuesday and Thursday.

  • First class: Tuesday, September 2 (the day after Labor Day)
  • Last class: Thursday, December 4


    The course is 11 weeks long and there is a one week break in the third week of September. The Blast astrology conference in Arizona is this week and some of you may be attending it.

    Course Schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 07:00– 09:00 PM):

    1st week: September 2, 4

    (two weeks off)

    2nd week: September 23, 25
    3rd week: September 30, October 2
    4th week: October 7, 9
    5th week: October 14, 16
    6th week: October 21, 23
    7th week: October 28, 30
    8th week: November 4, 6
    9th week: November 11, 13
    10th week: November 18, 20

    (thanksgiving holiday)

    11th Week: December 2, 4

There are no required text books for this course. Students are evaluated on ability to learn and improve as consultants. Each evening consists of a student consultation for 45 min to 1 hour (strict limits) on a volunteer who attends the class. The student giving the consultation is given the birth information at least 1 week before. The consultation is followed by a review of the student’s interpretation of the chart, with emphasis on how the student interpreted astrological influences and how the interpretation would be different using alternative methods or theories. The instructor also briefly reviews the counseling style and counseling methods used by the student. Students can then add additional comments and observations.Note that the entire class is only 2 hours long so in the discussion only key issues are focused on without elaborate and extensive feedback from the client on various interpretive methods (which could go on for many hours, given the breadth of astrological methods and topics that can be discussed).

Note: Thanksgiving is on the Thursday of the week following the last class. The next semester will either (A) begin in the 1st week of December and have 3 weeks of classes and then a 2 week break for the holidays OR (B) begin in the first week of January after the holidays. This decision will be made depending on student and instructor preference.

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